August 1st, 2011


to threat or not to threat

So I hope no one minds going into the wayback machine for a D&D 3rd/Pathfinder question: I've played my fair share of 3rd edition, and I'm running a Pathfinder game (and let me tell you, I freakin' love Pathfinder...) at the moment- and during none of this have I ever seen the threat rules used. Maybe it's because I play with mostly old(ish)-school types; but I have always seen it run (and run it myself) as "You crit? Great, roll damage".

The reasoning, I suppose, was that it just added more dice-rolling- and that crits are rare enough and fun enough that you should just let people have them. I just never saw the sense in making people roll again to see if they hit if the roll already (Only a natural 20 is an auto-hit, of course.) says they did.

So, the questions for the hive-mind: Do you/Did you use the threat rules? If so, did they slow things down? Or have your 3.5/Pathfinder games been just fine without them?

This is all just out idle curiosity, by the way- they way I do it has been working for my game, so I'll stick with it.