July 8th, 2011

Killing Players of Main NPC's Question

Hello All,

I'm running a Game of Thrones-A Song of Ice and Fire game, for a couple of buddies of mine. Now, the game is going well, they are the heads of their own houses, cousins, that are currently getting embroiled in a setting 500 years after the stories in the books.

7 independent kingdoms with all the myriad plots and fights that would happen in that scenario.

Here is my dilemma. They met two incredibly important NPC's in a setting where they feel they need to kill them. Now, one of these NPC's is the daughter of one of my Kings(she's incognito) and the other is the Son of another King(he is not incognito). Now, they have decided they need to kill her, because she is running a hidden, but legal, weapons trading business in the Riverlands, which is not her Kingdom. She is selling the weapons to traitors to the Players King. However, they pretty much know that she isn't aware she is doing anything illegal, but they want to make a point, and use the power the King delegated to them, to take her out, this is without knowing she's the daughter of the most militant King in Westeros. The Son of the other King, doesn't know she's a weapons dealer, he's just her when he shows up sort of boytoy. He's totally in love with her, and doesn't know her true identity.

Here is my dilemma. If they confront these two, the players have a great chance of dying. As do the NPC's. Now, both NPC's have a lot of Uber-plot surrounding them so I'm not totally comfortable having them die at this juncture. However, it is Game of Thrones, and just because it didn't seem like the likely occurrence, many of the important characters die in realistic ways in those books. I'd feel bad about getting the PC's killed, we've only played about 5-6 games so far. 3-4 hours each time, and they spent a month making all their characters and house information. A lot of time put in creation for not a lot of game time. However, the two NPC's have a large group of followers, and themselves are badass combatants. The players have support also, about 20 elite fighting men, against 40-50 of theirs, with hero's.

I'm considering having the NPC's disappear at an opportune moment, but it feels a bit contrived.

Any suggestions?