June 27th, 2011

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Every time my players encounter a chest, whether it is in a dungeon, in a temple, in the stockroom of a castle, or in a ship captain's cabin, somebody always remarks "Watch out! It might be a mimic." despite the fact that I have never used a mimic and will likely never use a mimic.

Does anybody else ever actually use mimics?

So what happens to the unread stories on LJ?

      I've been giving this one some thought lately and wondered how many self-written stories are on LJ that nobody takes notice of, and how many are jaw-droppingly great? I mean, i'm not a top class writer or anything but writing my own stories on my page made me wonder about this. Do any of you out there write your own stories that are hidden away because you have nobody you know on the online world that reads them? I think there needs to be a community out there for people who want there stories to be read. What do you all say? Keeper? 
     Just a thought.