May 26th, 2011


Advice on Bonus XP for Creative Problem Solving

How much bonus XP is good to award for players who find a creative solution to take down an enemy?

For example, I was using the D&D module Something's Cooking, adapted for Microlite20. The main enemy is a Calzone Golem. Because it's made of dough, fire damage just bakes it and gives it an AC bonus. Of course the fist thing my players did was try to set it on fire. When they realized that didn't work, they immediately decided it would make sense to dissolve the dough by spamming the golem with Create Water spells. Of course I decided that totally worked, and ended up giving them a lot more XP than they would have gotten for just hitting it until it died.

But then I started thinking about what a good guideline for bonus XP would be in that kind of situation. A flat number, a percentage of the usual XP, varied according to how awesome I think they were? What do other people do in their campaigns?