May 15th, 2011

Voodoo Dolly

Mutants and Masterminds Question

I'm a little stumped, and trying to figure out how to deal with a specific limitation for my Mutants and Masterminds character.  The character is a super hero who has been imbued by 'shadow' and 'the spirit of the city'.  The way he's set up, his powers are nerfed depending on specific circumstances.

1)  He suffers a partial penalty to specific powers if he's exposed to artificial light (street lamps for example), and a greater penalty if exposed to sunlight.
2)  He suffers a partial penalty if he is outside of a city scape (such as suburbs, in a town or village), and a greater penalty if he's outside of an urban zone completely (wilderness or such).

These penalties depend on what power it is, and can stack to impose a higher penalty.
Some powers suffer -2 Ranks as a "Partial Penalty", and -5 Ranks as a "Greater Penalty" -- so, being out in the wilderness and exposed to sunlight can impose -10 Ranks to a power.
Some powers (such as Concealment or Immunty) become half as effective as a Partial Penalty, and completely shut down as a Greater Penalty.
Some powers completely shut off if there's any penalty at all.

The thing is, originally I had this as a Limitation, and then thought it might be better as a Complication.  Now I don't know.  I mean, which would be more appropriate?  "Get a Power Point if you could have used this Power and can't" or "Get a PP discount for building the power in the first place".  Which makes more sense?

Any insight would be appreciated.
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