April 10th, 2011

Voodoo Dolly


In my last nWoD session, I pulled out my M:tA tarot deck and decided to use it.  Each time I started a scene, I'd flip up a card, and use the picture for inspiration for what the scene is about.  The PCs were split up, so each got a card each time I focussed on them.  It worked pretty well, and the players enjoyed it.

I'm going to flux the campaign into Qin pretty soon -- so my wife picked up two new decks for me.  The first deck is the I Ching tarot deck, which looks pretty awesome, but is very stylistic.  The other was the Feng Shui tarot deck, which has some gorgeous art to it.  I may continue the practise as we play, using the cards for inspiration, to add NPCs, or to help give me some guidance as we go through the campaign.

Anyone else try this sort of thing?

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