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Wednesday, March 30th, 2011
2:28a - Design Thoughts

I'm currently working on a sourcebook for my RPG (Fox Magic), and remembering one of the things I feel I had a talent for earlier.  I tend to stink at doing things from scratch -- building anything from the ground up is a chore for me, and I tend to do horribly at it.  Writing the original Fox Magic was difficult, because I was desiging most of it stream-of-thought, and had nothing to build on.

With this book, I have the original book to use as a framework.  I can look at what I did, see a subject, and then begin expanding on the subject to explain things more.  When I'm done a section, I'll take time to think about the next section, and while I try to organize my thoughts, I'll go back to my prior section and do a "polish".  These polish jobs wind up being major re-organization, re-structuring, and re-writing.  So, what was originally just a page and a half of text in the original book... has become eighteen pages of explanation in the companion book.

I'm actually pretty happy about this.  I'm trying not to look too far ahead at the moment, I want to focus on the 'what needs doing now'.  If I go too far ahead, I get intimidated by the sheer magnitude of what I'm aiming for, but since I'm just staying focussed on what's on hand, and flipping through the game book a little at a time, I'm actually quite happy with how I'm doing and where I'm going.

The way I see it, the first book is going to be a 'beginner's guide' -- an introduction to the game, the light version of the rules, and something that players can quickly pick up and use.  This companion book is going to be the Advanced guide -- going into huge amounts of depth and explaining things carefully (and at length).  It'll be something for the game master to use, and for those players who really want to dig deep into the setting.

Hopefully (knock on wood), I'll have this finished by the end of the year.  :)

Now, the question -- is anyone interested in me plastering some of my writing here from time to time (behind cuts) for people to comment on and dissect?

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9:36a - Monkey See, monkey do
Here's a really good article on Animal Intelligence in Pathfinder (and a rule clarification) regarding the "Awaken" spell and the nature of intelligent animals. The funny thing is "Awaken" hearkens back to "Awaken Intelligence" (a Forgotten Realms spell from the Netherese Scrolls that appeared in "Lords of Darkness" anthology, which can be found here.

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