March 18th, 2011

35th level geek

Custom Magic Items

I'm going to be starting a new campaign, with the characters starting at 5th level. I'm giving them the option of having 9000 GP starting money, or 6k GP and a custom magic item of my own creation.

My question is, does anyone else do something like this?
Also, does this magic item seem too over the top and powerful?
(The game is an adaption of the 3.5 D&D Red Hand of Doom campaign, which has medium-level magic IMO).

The proprietor looks you over shrewdly, "Ahh good sir, your back seems to ache with all that gold you have in your purse, perhaps I could help you lighten your load."
The crone gestures to the beautifully crafted golden and jade torc in her display case. "The Torc of Jhoto, said to confer the powers of summoned creatures to the arcanist. This beauty is one hundred percent guaranteed to be curse free, and would set nicely against your skin tone and eyes."

Torc of Jhoto
This item allows the wearer to utilize any one Natural Ability, Extraordinary Ability, Spell-like ability, or Supernatural ability of any creature that is summoned by the wearer for the duration of the summoned creature. The use of this power takes a standard action. If the summoned creature is killed, the ability is lost but a standard action can be used to refocus on another creature.