March 15th, 2011

Voodoo Dolly

M&M 3E Questions

So, I'm trying to build a character concept with my sister -- she wants to make a necromancer of sorts. This involves using a lot of 'alternate power' for her spells, which is fine, but she's got one concept I'm having trouble building. Specifically:

She has a lot of spells which inflict Afflictions and Weaknesses. These are single-person spells, and her goal is to stack a bunch of these up on a person over the course of a few combat rounds, then cast another spell which has the sole purpose of: 'Anyone within 30 feet of the person gets a copy of each Affliction and Weakness'. (She's also making it Selective, and of course they'd all get saving throws to resist the effects).

The way I think she's doing it is 'turn all afflictions and weaknesses into a single 'stack', and then make that stack area effect' -- and the closest approximation we have is 'Transform', perhaps (you transform the effects into a single Area-Effect power).


The other thing she's doing, which I'm trying to wrap my head around, is 'conditional triggers'. IE, she's making a spell with the effect of 'do nothing and wait. If X condition occurs, trigger'.

Cacophony (Damage, Instant Duration, Trigger x 10)
This curse manifests as a searing pain any time the victim speaks, as the voices of the dead scream and howl through the victim’s vocal chords. The victim suffers damage each time they attempt to speak. The victim must make a Fortitude (DC XX) roll to resist the effect. If the victim fails the roll, each time they speak they must make a Toughness (DC equal to 15 + how much they failed the roll by) each time they speak. After the effect has been triggered ten times, it ends.

Soul Barbs (Damage, Instant Duration, Insidious, Trigger x 10)
This curse has no immediate, visible effect. The victim must make a Will (DC XX) roll to resist it when cast. If the victim fails, the curse takes hold. Each time the victim is subject to another curse, he must make a Toughness (DC 15 + amount roll failed by) against damage, as this spell responds to the hex by shredding the victim from the inside. This spell dissipates after ten such effects.

Thorns (Weaken (Toughness), Instant Duration, Insidious, Trigger x 10)
This curse manifests as wracking agony, aggravating any injury taken by the victim. The victim must make a Fortitude (DC XX) roll to resist the effect. If the victim fails the roll, they suffer a –1 to all Toughness rolls for each point they failed by, to a maximum loss of (Power Rank) to Toughness. The victim of this effect will not notice anything different until they are injured. This effect ends when the victim has suffered ten strikes for potential damage, then dissipates.

Epidemic (Transform, Instant, Area (Burst), Selective, Limited (Must be subject to Curse Descriptor Spell)
This terrible curse can only work on a victim who is suffering from an affliction or weakness that was created by another curse. All these afflictions suddenly spread, affecting anyone within 30' chosen by the necromancer. Each person must make a Will (DC XX) to avoid contracting these curses, which have their durations reset as if they were just cast.

Mark of Sympathy (Damage, Instant, Area (Burst), Selective, Trigger x 10)
This curse places a mark upon the target. The effect is not immediately apparent, but the victim must make a Will (DC XX) roll to resist it. Each time the victim is struck, any targets chosen by the necromancer within thirty feet of the victim are suddenly struck with pain, and must then make a Toughness (DC XX) roll to resist damage. This mark remains present until it has been triggered a maximum of ten times.


Other weirdness: She's wanting to make spells which have a duration dependant on how well she rolls with 'Check Required'. For example, summoning minions which last a limited number of rounds and then disappear. I ruled this would be a weird application of the 'Fades' power (her minions don't get weaker, they just have a time limit instead). The other thing though is she wanted to try to do another spell which extends the duration of the minions (and heals them), by adding a few more rounds to their duration each time the spell is cast. This is all very creative, but hell to make rulings on. In M&M 2, I might have ruled 'total fade' for a few of these, but we don't have that in M&M 3.

Suggestions would be wonderful.

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Voodoo Dolly

I Dodge!

I'm thinking, if I run Pathfinder / D&D 3.5 again, I might want to alter how certain effects work.  Specifically, this really weird notion that you can somehow 'avoid' an AoE / Triggered effect by suddenly diving out of the way.  There's a few strange conceits associated with this idea in the first place.

To 'dodge' an attack, you need to a) be aware of the attack incoming, and b) be out of the AoE by the time it hits the spot you were in, and c) had started moving before the attack started.  This idea that you somehow 'dodge' the effect and diminish / negate it while somehow remaining exactly where you are and unphased (mechanically) is just a bit weird.

I'm thinking I might do one of two things:
1)  A Reflex Save allows you to make a 5' adjustment (10' for those with Uncanny Dodge).  If you can shift out of the area influenced by the effect, awesome.  If not, suckage.  Full damage for you.


2)  A character's unspent movement can be used in response to an AoE attack.  This requires a Tumble (Acrobatics) check, with the DC being 15 + # of squares to move.  Success allows you to hoof it before the AoE goes off.  Anyone with Uncanny Dodge have a DC of 5 + # of squares to move.


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