March 3rd, 2011

Voodoo Dolly

What Level Spell?

In Furry Pirates, there is a summoning spell.  It allows you to teleport anyone you know the identity of to you.  Even if they're unwilling.  As long as you know what the person looks like (and possibly their name), you can bring them to you.  I'm curious how you'd design this spell in various RPGs.

Discussing with someone for 3.5, they suggested it'd be a 10th level spell.  After looking at Pathfinder, I reluctantly had to agree, it's beyond the scope of that system.  (You can raze villages, gate to other worlds, summon demons, and demand services from alien creatures -- but call a person you know to you even if they're unwilling?  Beyond the scope of the game...)

What about other game systems?

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Hero Name?

So, a game of DC Superheroes recently got started, and our GM had us make our regular humans first, having us randomly draw powers for when they manifested.

I created a young Egyptian kid (17), since adopted and moved to Metropolis to pursue a better education, and with an interest in archaelogy (namely finding/restoring his people's past). During an attack by the forces of Apokolips, he manifested his powers as being a technopath. He can converse with technology, create items if there's enough tech in the area to borrow from (for instance, he made himself a battle-suit using bits and pieces of the vehicles and other suits during the battle).

He has a secondary power, called 'hard light', which is basically similar to the powers granted by the Lantern Rings. As a secondary power, it's not at full strength, but grants limited flight and energy 'item' creation.

My biggest problem now is coming up with a superhero name for him. Ideally, I'd like to incorporate some Egyptian mythology/heritage into it, but I'm running into dead ends.

Any suggestions?