February 10th, 2011

Me in Sunset (2009)

In search of a system

I'm looking for a simple, straight forward system to run a convention game or very short campaign on (4 sessions, max)

The system should have the following requirements:
  • Basic rules fit on 2 sides of A4 (so I can hand double-sided handouts to the players)
  • Be compatible with a low-magic Medieval/Fantasy setting (I'm not planning on having the PCs be magicians)
  • Have short, simple combat resolution, I'd be going for high body count, cinematic combat over gritty or nail-biting slug-fests
  • Have the ability to pick up and use different, interesting weapons
  • Have enough differentiation between characters that simple class/career descriptions are useful (eg: the acrobat is a good climber, the knight is good with a sword, the diplomat can charm the pants off people...)
I'd probably be doing pre-gens so having skill/ability descriptions on character sheets is fine. I'll be using a generic fantasy/medieval setting and will probably modify things to my own needs. However having something to hang it on will be useful. Otherwise I'll just hammer out a simple 2D6-based system.