February 9th, 2011


So at last night's gaming table, my character totally did something that will most likely get himself and another PC killed. Which, normally, I would be fine with. However:

1) I was pretty tired, feverish, hopped up on Nyquil, and not thinking straight;

2) I totally misunderstood the relationship between the PCs and the people who will most likely be our doom: I didn't realize out-of-character how royally pissed they are at the PCs. I was under the impression that we had somewhat smoothed things over with them, at least to the point;

3) I misunderstood a comment that another player made OOC as IC instructions to go talk to our lovely enemies;


4) my f^%k-up did set one damned dramatic cliffhanger and

5) I don't want the DM to think I don't trust him, especially since IMHO trust is a bit lacking in our group right now. He's a really great guy in general, so some part of me says he deserves this trust.

Normally, I don't like retcons. However, given the situation if a player came to me as DM with the same case I would probably be nice and retcon things. This would actually be easy for the DM to do, since this unfortunate event I speak of happened right at the end of the session before everyone went home. And, although rare, in the past this DM has retconned things before in dire need.

My roommate (the other poor soul involved in my madness) pointed out that the DM probably will not kill our characters because he's just not like that. Still, it bothers me that my character's actions may end up seriously derailing or changing the campaign based on my OOC lack of judgment.

So, how do you guys feel about retcons? Do you think I have grounds to at least request a retcon? Even if so, should I?
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Open source campaign idea.

The very wealthy of the city have troubles on their mind. One of their rank was, not so long ago, murdered by a member of the servant class. Paranoid, they have turned to a startling solution. A necromancer has offered to provide the perfect obedient manservant: the undead.

He has fashioned rings that grant the user complete control of their own personal zombies that have been magically "keyed" to the ring.

Though at first the upper crust were aghast at the concept, the idea gained support. Especially after the creation of magic facemasks that negate offensive smells and sounds.

The Society of the White Mask was thus born - from the very rich and very paranoid who wanted complete control of their staff.

Story nugget ideas
-Jailer offers to shorten sentence of convicted criminals if they agree to undergo the undeadifcation process, to be raised when their sentence is complete. Perhaps he does it anyway to get massive kickbacks from the necromancer.

-Evil party: Necromancer pays the party to round up "spell components" to meet an increased need.

-Necromancer is starting to get greedy and decides to use the master ring to have the undead turn on all the owners. Party needs to stop the madness.

-Magic masks have a cumulative side effect: the zombies are starting to gain sentience. One of them starts a quiet revolution and gets a message to the PCs asking for help to be free.

So...what other nuggets/arcs could you think of?
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Orpheus? How was it for you?

I'm just gearing up to run the last three books of the Orpheus metaplot. Obviously I'm putting a lot of my own twist on things as the books encourage. However I was interested to ask if anyone in here has taken Orpheus to the end? I'd be interested to hear someone elses experiences with it and how it went.

If anyone gets an urge to see how our version plays out you'll be able to follow the session updates (once we get started again) under the Orpheus tag of our rpg community (where you can also see the first half updates!).