January 26th, 2011

Voodoo Dolly


Apparently, TORG has been purchased from WEG, and is now owned by a German company.  They're planning to release it some time around 2012 or so.  I wonder how much they'll change the game engine?  I did enjoy TORG, in spite of the faults in the engine itself (how many people understood the spell design system?), and I would like to see the thing given a proper 2nd Edition, with a serious look at making everything a lot more streamlined.

The most fun I had with TORG, however, was how you were allowed to mess with things in character creation.  One of the things I enjoyed doing was making a character from one Cosm, with a few tweaks from another.  It was supported by the game itself, and it was amusing when you contradicted yourself in your own cosm.  :D  (My two favourite characters was the Core Earth Werewolf, and the Core Earth Pulp Noir hero).

Anyone else played TORG?  What were your weirdest builds?
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