December 23rd, 2010

Voodoo Dolly

nWoD Campaign

I've been running an nWoD (new World of Darkness) campaign for almost two years now.  It's been doing pretty well, and tonight went especially well.  I'm quite proud of myself.

After the initial warmup and touching base with the last session, my wife Cat's character (Jesse) was phoned by her fetch.  A while ago, she traded her memories of the fetch, and of the fact her grandmother knew of her, at a goblin market, in exchange for information on how to kill one of the 'big bads' of the setting, someone known as the Manticore.  The fetch was a bit surprised, and nervous, when she found out Jesse didn't remember that the two had a truce, but provided the PCs with a nightmare she had felt.

In the nightmare, the Manticore had gone into Jesse's home, and was removing 'shadows'.  The PCs predicted this was an attack on Jesse's home, which currently houses some 40-odd changelings all under Jesse's protection.  While worrying about this, they decided to use the PC mage as bait, creating a Contract specifically for the Manticore to break, so they could kill him (his True Weakness is to break a contract signed in his own blood, then kill him with the pen that signed it... they've got the materials, and they know he didn't have to MAKE the contract, just break it).  They loaded up the mage's dreams with glamour, and waited for the Manticore to arrive.

The dream wound up being in Jesse's home, with the changelings trapped inside cells -- the house used to be an asylum for the insane, and it was just like that in the dream.  The mage wound up encountering Death In Dreams, a god of dreams, while Jesse encountered a doctor in the asylum.  She talked with the doctor, trying to explain that the poor changelings needed light and something constructive, rather than being trapped in the cells, and the doctor explained he could not keep track, nor tend to, all of them.  He offered to let her look after them, if she'd be willing to be their keeper.

After some back and forth, she agreed -- then found out too late that the doctor was the Manticore in disguise, and that he had a name:  Keeper of the Mad.  He bequeathed the name to her (shooting her Wyrd 2 up... pushing her closer to becoming a True Fae).  The mage wound up in the same hall with Death In Dreams.  DiD walked past the Manticore while the mage confronted his enemy, and the two exchanged a few tense words, preparing for a confrontation.  Death In Dreams told Jesse he wished to speak with her, and tried to remove her from the scene, but the mage reached into an alcove, pulling a switch to open the doors to the made changelings.  He expected them to attack the Manticore -- and instead they charged at their new Keeper -- Jesse.  Jesse was torn to shreds by the mad changelings.

Fortunately, Jesse had made a contract with the Underworld some months back, allowing her to awaken there if she ever were to die.  This was a one-shot, 'get out of death free' card that any changeling can get if they visit the Underworld (which the PCs have done), so she was very, very fortunate.  Meanwhile, the Manticore laughed at the mage, and departed himself -- having not broken the Contract that was made (Jesse is to protect the mage's dreams.  Unfortunately, the Manticore did not attack, harm, or alter the dreams of the mage, thus Jesse did not fail to protect the mage).

The next morning, the PCs got the opportunity to meet, and explain to the werewolf in the group what happened.  It was a bit tense, but the NPC sin-eater was presented (having been contacted by his geist to fish Jesse out of the Underworld), and his unique view of life-and-death helped sooth over any ill feelings between the PCs.  The group had a nice breakfast, discussed important matters...

... and the fetch contacts Jesse with another dream.  This involving the gates to the Hedge forced and bound open, with hobgoblins and horrors spilling out into the world... and with Jesse standing over a cursed cauldron, raising the dead to fight them off.

Jesse, waaay back in the beginning of the campaign, had activated a cursed cauldron which animates any dead near it... and each night it grows in power, animating the dead further and further away.  The PCs had dropped it down a mine shaft, in the hopes of it never being found and used.

This... can't be good.

I feel so evil.  :D
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