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Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010
3:47a - My New Changeling Character
A friend of mine recently started up a Changeling: The Lost campaign set in 1890's London. We're all fairly high-powered changelings starting out, but I still think I outdid myself with this character I've always wanted to try.

His name is Johnny Bloodprongs, and he's known by the Summer Court throughout the world as the only changeling to ever escape the Huntsman and his hounds. He's first-generation Irish American, born and raised in the boroughs of New York. He was banished to London after he sparked the Draft Riots of 1863, the worst riots in American history.

He's an underground bare-knuckle boxing champion with truly inhuman stamina and skill (his stats for Stamina and Brawl exceed the normal human limit). He also possesses a token that takes the form of a pair of brass knuckles, made from the bones of a Nordic giant. Anything man-made he punches with them that's smaller than an SUV basically has no chance. Pretty sweet, eh? And I swear I'm not a power gamer!

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