December 17th, 2010

Some news to break the quiet

I know that many of you probably already get the EN World newsletter, and I usually don't read the whole thing before moving on in my (usually full) e-mail inbox, but today's newsletter had some information that really caught my eye.

Somebody has bought the Star Wars license; but whoever it is has not announced it yet. This from Mongoose Publishing's Matt Sprange:

In other A Call to Arms news, I can now report that we did not manage to grab the licence we were chasing for the game - Star Wars. We weren't really expecting this one to happen (we made a sideways reference to it in the State of the Mongoose), but we got much further along than we thought we would.

The interesting thing is why our negotiations ended - another company beat us to it. We are not going to reveal who this is (you have heard of them), as that is their fanfare to blow. However, I am sure many will find it intriguing that the licence covers card games, RPGs, and... miniatures. Now, the company concerned is not known for its miniatures lines, which will probably put paid to my dream of 28mm multipart/multipose Stormtroopers.

Not "being known for their mini's" rules out WizKids, DreamPod9, and a few other players. I don't think Pinnacle would be interested, as their strength lies in their own IP, the same for White Wolf. Palladium has a history of games on other folks IP (Robotech), but I don't think they could afford it. Could it maybe be Chaosium, getting a solid property to help launch a science fantasy wing for their BRP system?

And then the questions of what kind of game? While it would not be d20 Saga (unless they also decided to go GSL), would we see another level based game? Or would it be more organic?

Thankfully, those of us that loved Saga still have our books.

Speculate ho!

{EDIT} Over on the boards, someone brought up something that reminded me of a hole in this theory... Hasbro still has exclusive card/mini rights to Star Wars till 2018. Could this be Mongoose trying to cover a spectacular failure to acquire the license?
Voodoo Dolly

Immunity to Fear

Woman can't feel fear.

So, the inability to feel fear, in this one case, causes the person to actually approach the targets she should be afraid of.  Hmm.  It does give me some thought in RPGs about the 'fearless' merit and similar things, and how a person might react to theats.  For example, if you don't feel fear, you might not have that sense of urgency which should manifest when you're in a dangerous situation.  Instead, you approach the situation like you'd approach anything else in life when you're calm, or curious.  What emotion replaces 'fear' in the person?

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