October 29th, 2010

Fallout: The Tabletop Game

My roommate and annoying little brother I'm glad I never had is thinking about running a Fallout RPG when his 3.5 campaign winds down. He made the absolutely correct observation that the basic mechanics behind the computer/console games translates remarkably well into tabletop (with the exception of VATS, which requires some tweaking). Since 75% of the group are playing either 3 or New Vegas right now and the rest of the group are up for anything, the timing seems right.

My roommate did some research, and he found out that there have been Fallout RPGS made in the past. One, found on scribd.com, seems to be a collective work of several Fallout fans; the other, which I think is a compilation of works by Fallout designers J.E. Sawyer and Jason Mikal, can be found on the Fallout Wiki. From what I can gather, the Exodus RPG is a D20 morph specific to the Fallout world.

The question I pose is: has anyone played one of these systems (or another that we have yet to find)? Did you like or dislike it, and why? Is one any better/different than the other?
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On a more serious (?) note...

I'm running InSpectres tonight, and I'm idly wondering -- how much does the GM get involved in the game / direct the adventure?  I've only run it once before, and it went waaay off on a tangent.  It was fun, no question of that, but I felt more like an observor than a participant.  Anyone else run it?  Got any insights?
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