October 28th, 2010

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Conan RPG

So, the license for the Conan RPG with Mongoose has expired and they are having a Final Conan Sale with all of the prices slashed for the week. As of November 1st they are pulling all of the RPG titles.

So, the question is...which books are worth scooping up at these prices?

I already have the core book and Player's Guide to the Hyborian Age. I'm looking at Adventures in the Hyborian Age, Cimmeria and Aquilonia - Flower of the West currently.

I don't need new system bits, since I won't be running it with d20/OGL. I'll probably be using Savage Worlds or Unisystem. So I'm mostly looking for expanded setting and cool story ideas. Locations, NPCs, etc.

What books do you suggest?