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Tuesday, October 26th, 2010
1:43a - Morality of the Adventurer
A friend of mine posted in his LJ about a Unisystem game he was in, and what the PCs were willing to do in it (torture someone to get information, and consider siding with the bad guys, because 'a job is a job').  That aside, he mentioned that, if you step back and look at your typical adventuring party, they're pretty psychopathic.  They'll kill anything, wipe out entire tribes, and put down nearly anything that gets in their way for pay, while looting corpses, grave-robbing, and stealing.

I was impressed, that is something I tend to think about when I'm roleplaying -- regardless of what the enemy 'race' is, if they're sentient, I prefer to talk my way through the encounter before bringing out the blades.  Combat is easy, conversation is hard, and I think that getting the enemies on my side (when possible) is far more fun than just mowing down hordes.  But that's me.  :)  (And I tend to make blenders of death -- so trying to talk things through is more a disadvantage than an advantage)

So, how about others here?  How much do you look into the adventurer's psyche and the world around them?

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2:21a - As An Aside... (Exalted)
You know, I don't think I've mentioned a typical session for me... so here is one.  :)

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Anyway, hope you enjoyed!

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1:17p - Fantasy Flight Games Hiring
Fantasy Flight Games is now hiring a new game designer and a licensing coordinator. If anyone's interested, here's where you can download the specifications.

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