October 24th, 2010

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M&M Campaign

Since it seems the post got eaten... o.O
Ex-player has decided to run an M&M campaign in a few months, and invited one of my players -- thus I got to hear the details of the game.  First on the list is that all the players start at Level 1 (with 15 pp), and get their powers later.  My friend and I were discussing what Level 1 entails, and compared it to some of the other characters.  A butler starts off Level 0, but has over 20 pp, and a thug starts at Level 3, for example.

The GM also refused to let my friend play a child because he firmly believes that children have no freedom and suffer oppression under the authority of adult figures.  The GM said 'between school, chores, and adult supervision, the character would have no freedom at all'.  ... apparently, everyone I know has had either a very atypical childhood, or the truama has made us forget the horribly oppresive conditions we were raised under.

The GM also asked my friend 'what aspect of your Real Life are you exploring in your character' - which I find weird.  Yes, some players do this.  Other plays however, don't.  It isn't the kind of presumption one would be expected to make though.  When I play, I'm not exploring my RL, I'm exploring the game setting.  The character is the tool to do so.  The different concepts I make are basically a 'hey, this is cool' thing, for doing so.

So, my friend's made a good-for-nothing drummer in a horrible band.  The character has a cruddy job and hates his boss, and is essentially not getting anywhere in life (since at 15 power points... you're really not getting anywhere in life).  The GM wanted to know what enemies or opponents the character has (none, since he's not worth the effort, and anyone who he did have would probably blow him away).

I'm amused and curious, wondering how this will go.  My friend's got some ... concerns... and isn't sure how to take this, but is willing to try playing, and I'm curious to see how much the GM has changed between his LARP days of 'I rule over all of you and control all of reality', and now.

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