October 18th, 2010

30-sided die

Scion/Exalted compatible dice roller?

Does anyone know of a dice rolling program or widget for Scion or Exalted that *isn't* online-only?

We have a player in our Scion game who has trouble rolling all those dice, but we don't have access to the 'Net where we play.

I *do* have a laptop, but it's an older Windows machine, so I'd prefer something that could run on that (it doesn't really seem fair to me to ask him to buy a laptop, or for another player to let him use theirs, every time he has to roll some dice).

If it wasn't specifically for Scion or Exalted, I'd want something that could handle White Wolf's dice pools.

Voodoo Dolly

Long Post Is Long

I made a post on my thoughts on roleplaying.  Communication, Heroes, Losses, and Screwing with the Characters.  It's really long, and I know there's at least a few people here not interested in reading it, so here's a link, instead.

Thoughts, opinions, etc, are always welcome.  I like hearing what people think, their own experiences, and their own philosophies on roleplaying games (and yeah, while some of you don't agree with me at all, I do appreciate the comments and thoughts you have on these issues).

Comment there, or here.  :)  Either way is good.  I'll answer on either when I can.
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