September 6th, 2010


Let's do something other than bash/praise 4E....

Given the spirited discussions on several recent threads, I'd like to offer a change of pace and talk about a more general topic that's been floating around in my brain as of late.

The broad question: How do you go about introducing new players to the hobby?

What type of players do you try to recruit? Is there a particular type of individual that you seek/avoid? What systems do you find useful/unsuccessful? Do you find that you generate interest or turn people off?

I'll edit this post later and post my own answers, but in the meantime: Discuss!

Cartoon Action Hour

Is anyone in the community at all familiar with Cartoon Action Hour? If so, what do you think of it?

I found a supplement for it on the bargain table on my last trip to the gaming store, and from what I see in the supplement, it looks like it could be a fun game for one group I'm in.

I know there is both a first and a second edition on DriveThruRPG; does anyone have any recommendations on which edition to get?

The group I'm thinking of using it with seems to prefer more tongue-in-cheek, less serious sorts of games (we had a great time with the Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG, and right now we're playing a pulp heroes game that uses the same system). We also play in the evenings after we've been in other games, so one of the other players advocated something more on the rules-lite end (which CAH seems to be from what I can tell).

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Vampire sourcebooks on eBay

I've got a bunch of clanbooks and sourcebooks for auction on eBay. These are ones I had up for auction a couple weeks ago but didn't sell, so I reduced just about all of them by $1-$3 each. The prices include shipping and packing (and you'll find I do a good job of packing - shrink wrap, cardboard reinforcement, bubble wrap or bubble envelope.)

Please check them out - I'm still trying to sell stuff to help me pay my bills while I'm between jobs. Thanks!
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