September 5th, 2010

As if the RPGA changes were not bad enough...

Now it turns out that the Gamma World Game Day requires people to buy stuff for it.

Players purchase 2 D&D Gamma World booster packs and create their own characters when they arrive at a participating location to play. DMs are required to have a copy of the D&D Gamma World Boxed Set and the adventure materials, available prior to the event day in the game day kit, to prepare to run their game.

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One wonders if their new 'format' for RPGA organized play is less designed about game support and more about selling stuff. While that might be good for the retailers, I'm not sure it will work. One big difference between CCG/Mini games vs RPGs is that traditionally, the GM bears most of the cost already for the game (rules, minis, maps, time invested in game prep) while PLAYER investment is low. That is part of the reason you can get people into stores for D&D Game Days is that the players before this were not required to buy the $35 book, just show up with dice (or buy them, which was cheaper).

While the 'booster cards' are cheaper, having to buy stuff for a Game Day event seems... odd. Personally, I think trying to make RPGs more like a CCG just for profit margins is going to backfire. 4e generated enough of a split in the fan base, this will just make it worse I fear.

If any of the actual GAMERS left at WotC are reading this, you must tell the suits this will NOT WORK. People play RPGs and CCGs for different reasons. Trying to force one into the other will not work.

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