September 4th, 2010

Back to Where I Once Belonged: the Campaign!

My gaming group usually plays two campaigns on alternating weeks: one is a 3.5 D20 Modern/Urban Arcana campaign and the other is a Savage Worlds Deadlands campaign. My roommate, who is GMing the D20 Modern campaign, thinks that the campaign will end soon simply because he's running out of ideas. However, while one of my other gamers has a new campaign planned, he won't be ready for a long time. I was thinking of running a short campaign in the intermin, probably something fantasy since that's half the group's favorite genre. The other half prefer superheroes above all else, but they expressed a lot of interest in the old Mystara campaign from D&D.

Now the question is: what system to use? The whole group professes a dislike of 4E, but we haven't played it yet. Thanks to lula_vampiro and a few others, I'm willing to try GMing it since I was lucky enough to get the core rulebooks as gifts long ago. But there's a lot of difference between 4E and D&D, so I wonder if anyone might foresee any problems with using 4E in that setting?

If so, care to nominate any other possibilities? 3.5 would be the easiest since we collectively own every 3.5 book known to man and several known only to monkeys. But I am open to suggestions- and we play 3.5 all the time as it is, anyway.

(Personally I would like to run Planescape again. But half the group doesn't like that setting, so that's out :(  )