August 25th, 2010


Superhero team name

Hi everyone! I wonder if you could help me come up with a name for a superhero team...

We're playing Mutants & Masterminds, and we've just had our first-ever fight as a group. But when we turned over the villains to the cops and they asked the name of our team, we had to admit that we've only just got together and don't have a team name yet! It was almost as embarrassing as that bit at the end of Mystery Men.

We're all flummoxed. It's bad enough having to come up with both a real and a "mask" name for your character. Coming up with one for our team is doing our heads in. We tried Lee's (Useless) Super-Hero Generator but it just gives us silly, cheesy names. It really is a bit useless! And so I come to you, Wise Elders of the Internet, for advice. 8^)

The game is set in San Francisco in the modern day (more or less), and the team consists of:

Psyche (my character): telepathy, telekinesis and teleportation. (Based on The Tomorrow People.)
Jade Tiger: shapeshifts into various animals, also a martial arts expert.
Turbine: superstrong and tough, with superhearing including blindsight (by "sonar", I guess).
Arcane: master of magic and mysticism.

All ideas gratefully received!
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