August 22nd, 2010

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Evil Scion Fun

So, running a Scion game with my playgroup, and the setting is sort of Percy Jackson-ish.  The PCs are teenagers in a high school with an incredibly high number of scions in it and the Titans haven't escaped yet.  (At last count there's about 30 scions in the one school.  There IS a campaign reason for this, so nobody's blinking).  A lot of the NPCs, by rule, are patterned off of super heroes.  I swap the sexes, and change the names but try to keep the initials.

Last session, the PCs beat up The Joker (though nobody knows her name).  She escaped captivity, and this session involved her tormenting the characters.  Since she has a Fate Binding with two of the PCs, they wound up being the victims of the Joker's depravity.  My wife took the brunt of it since the Fate Binding with her character is stronger.

It started out with my wife's character going home to find it broken into and spraypainted with red and green paint.  She tried to find her parents, only to see them strung up in the attic, their mouths slit open into 'smiles'.  When she tried to rescue them, she found that the ropes they were hanging from would trigger thermite traps, incinerating her parents.

She tried to disarm one, failed, triggered the trap, and 'took the hit' so her parent would survive.  5 Lethal right there.  She called her friends, who showed up and got the other parent rescued, then had her and her parents brought to the hospital as the house burns mostly down.  The group then splits up, with the majority trying to track the Joker, and finding her lair in an abandoned asylum.

The group goes in, and their NPC 'robot' (Atlantean Tech, donated by 'Victoria', the Doom counterpart who is girlfriends with one of the PCs) gets torn apart by two hyenas (using the young fenris template).  Combat ensues, with the PCs fighting hard to keep alive.  One PC suffers a 2-Agg bite in the shoulder, another suffers a 3-Agg bite which removes their hand cleanly.  A third PC has her relic sword bitten and shattered (but has all the pieces, so can rebuild it).

Meanwhile, the Joker visits my wife's character in the hospital.  Torments her a bit, and easily avoids all of the scion's attacks.  (My wife's character has no combat skills currently).  The Joker steals the girl's relic (a book which stores a lot of boons), and departs.  The PCs are summoned, and a Constantine-ish NPC is called to help somewhat heal the girl's parents, and the wounds on the girl.

The group then departs and hunts the Joker down.  They find her in a Tim Horton's, and combat ensues.  It proves difficult, Joker has Chaos 3, Skin Shedding, and Moon 3, allowing her to slip out of a grapple, and to 'disappear' as needed.  She almost escapes, leaping through a window pane, but gets tackled by one of the PCs.

The Constantine girl gave my wife's character a bone whistle, informing her 'you should only use it once.  It will summon something to help you'.  My wife's character blows the whistle, and a fallen angel is called (I have the nephilim in my campaign, my wife's character is one of them).  When the fallen angel asks what she wants, she indicates she wants the Joker brought to justice.  The angel requests if it is 'justice' or 'vengeance'.  She asks for justice, so the angel walks over, takes the Joker, and pulls her to the underworld.

All in all, a very hectic session, but the players seem to have had fun.  My wife was tense through the entire session when she was involved, and worried for the other PCs when she was 'inactive' in the hospital.  I think it was all good, though I'm normally not that mean to my group.

I'm curious what to do next with the group though.  Hmm...

My players have commented how mean I can be to my wife though when I GM.  :D
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