August 17th, 2010


City Killer - Only you can destroy Philadelphia

In my new Superhero campaign I plan to wipe Philadelphia off the map and build a brand new Utopia (Metropolis-like) on the ruins and a Distopia (Gotham-like) where Camden, New Jersey is today.

I didn't want to go with a Supervillain. I wanted something cataclysmic that was done by the nature or the common man. So, I did the research and realized that most cataclysms are world killers and, as much as the Verneshot appealed to me, I just need to kill a city.

I also wanted plausible science/nature in my disaster. Also, looking at Philadelphia, I realized I wanted to preserve the Historic District while wiping out the rest of the city. It would be a crime to destroy the Liberty Bell, all the Masonic/Illuminati mythology, and all the potential mysticism of the Historic District.

I am open to this idea evolving. I am only wedded to the idea of destroying the city and rebuilding it, preserving the Historic District (which lies on the Delaware River), and not having Aliens or Superhumans to blame. So, please, hit me with your best shot.

The Historic District is right across the River from Camden, NJ. As I want to preserve them both I can have the Histroic District be on the surviving edge of the event.

The Event: Spacetime event that erases reality
The Cause: I think I am going to use a modern boogey-man, the Super-Collider. In a Champions world, science is always a little bit ahead. So, the University of Pennsylvania Physics Department is ground zero. (It's located about 3 miles from the area we want to preserve.)
The Science: The Super-Collider (a bit more advanced than ours) creates a Naked Singularity that is so super-dense that the resulting spacetime dimple erases an area surrounding it. What exists after the event I am a little blurry on. The event lasts around 5 microseconds. The resulting wave traveling about 3 miles before it stops. When the singularity ends, ground zero is gone and in a 3 mile radius everything that was -- isn't.

What do I need?

* After of the erasure, what is there?
* Is there a better method of doing this?
* What other results could I get?
* Is it logical that all business shifts to Camden and then shifts back once the city is rebuilt?
* Who rebuilds Philadelphia?