August 5th, 2010

Loved the Stars

Putting strange things in your mouth

Imagine you're in a cabal of mages in which one of your members was previously blood-bonded and ghouled to a vampire, so completely it took the intervention of an entire chantry of Verbena mages and a screwed-up mindscape to get him out.

Okay. Now imagine you're meeting with the Prince of the City and he has one of his subordinates pour you and your cabalmates a drink. And the "wine" is described as "a viscous red liquid, in which slow-moving bubbles glitter in the low light."

Do you.... drink it?

Congratulations! If so, you might play in my game!

I'm really at a loss here. The player' always had weird ideas, but he's never been stupid until recently (and not just in this game). His character is a Hermetic Janissary and doesn't even trust the cabal's pet vampire, which you'd think would extend to "drinking strange things the Prince gives you." He was all "leech this" and "leech that" just outside the boat he met the Prince on, until one of the other characters told him to shut up. He snubbed the Prince's enforcer when asked his name and Tradition, after their unannounced drop-in and request to see the Prince. Apparently when asked by another player WTF he was thinking, his response was, "Eh. Alex doesn't have a lot of faith in his mental fortitude." Huh?

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