July 29th, 2010

Gaming in your sleep

(X-posted to my journal).

Had an interesting dream last night. It had no context to the campaign or anything else, but I definitely blame Deadlands:

I got the feeling that the dream was a clip from a Wild West movie or TV series; the buildings look like an abandoned old mining town but the people are all dressed in Wild West clothes. It starts with the main character (the sheriff of the town and a good guy) standing with his hands tied facing the bad guy (a no-good, murderous outlaw and his sidekick). A young girl, maybe 11 or 12, is also there with her hands tied, and somehow the viewer knows that if the good guy goes down, some very disturbing things will happen to her. These men are very evil people.

But the camera changes views, and at the corner of a building behind the good guy we see the town bartender (also a good guy), played by Lennie James. He has a pistol in his hand, and steps around the building just as the outlaw sees him. They both draw and fire at each other the same time.

Zoom in to a slow-motion shot of two bullets speeding toward each other. The top bullet hits the bottom one and keeps going, spinning the bottom one down into the dirt. I know, I know, it's some Wanted-level ridiculous gun physics BS, but I have no control over my subconscious, sorry.

The camera turns back to the outlaw, and we see a bullet hit him in the chest just hard enough to dimple the leather before falling to the ground. The outlaw looks down, then up again up slowly as he realizes that the bartender wasn't trying to hit him; the bartender was aiming for the bullet.

There is a short pause as the outlaw realizes that he's absolutely screwed. Finally, he mutters, "Oh, shit..."

But the camera changes views again, and we see an unknown character a long way away watching this whole thing through the scope on a Sharps buffalo rifle. Who's side is he on?

Anyone else have any really lucid dreams about or inspired by gaming lately?