July 28th, 2010


Finding a game?

Hello all,

Recently my husband and I moved to the Austin area from California. We were in a great D&D 3.5 game there which we miss terribly. Now, I have always just had friends who played table top roleplaying games and we would just play together. But I have never been in a situation where I would need to go out and search for a game so I am at a loss...as weird as that may sound. So my question to you all is how do you find games that are willing to take on 2 players when you do not know anyone in the area.

I know I am really hoping to find a WoD or a nWoD. I have been craving to play it again for a long time now. My husband really likes D&D and has never tried WoD but I think he will love it! 

Finally, are there WoD games ran on the internet? I know a long time ago I was involved in a WoD chat, but I was unsure if these were still popular and around today.

Thank you all for your time.

**If this is not acceptable as a post, feel free to delete. :) 
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Advice wanted on finding good online writers/RPers

I've just started an original character RPG based on insanejournal (format is play-by-email/gdocs/IM rather than threading which I loathe).

The premise isn't particularly original or exciting at the outset (post-viral-apocalypse world-is-empty rebuild-and-avoid-the-crazies blah blah) but the philosophy behind the game is a little more interesting. Put simply, I want players who want to take an active part in plot and world-building, and rather than being the mod-architect of the game I'm only the mod-coordinator, facilitator, continuity-fascist, weaving other people's character arcs together into a plot rather than writing a plot and railroading the characters into following it. I think this will make for overall plots that see real investment from players, and are more rewarding for the fact that they played a part in building them.

While allowing characters free-rein in an online game isn't unusual at all, I think that taking the middle-ground approach of attempting ongoing arcs woven together from multiple different sources is pretty ambitious, and that means I need good writers.

The problem of course is finding them, and never having been the sole mod for an online game before (certainly never having been on quality control before) I'm wondering if I'm missing a trick.

Has anyone on here got experience of running a successful non-fandom game? Is there anywhere I should be advertising that I may not have found yet? Also, is there anywhere where RPers wanting to write original characters post up 'personal ads' looking to be picked up by GMs? I'm quite happy to wade through a community looking for likely players but I can't find any such community, on IJ or LJ, that isn't just a bunch of HP/SPN/RPS/Twiglet fandom players looking for 'PSLs', which is fine but not helpful to me.