July 26th, 2010

  • rcj3

Forgotten Realms D&D 4ed

I have a question for those of you that play 4ed Forgotten Realms.

I am playing a Unaligned Elven Ranger who is a loyal follower of Silvanus, my party includes a Unaligned Wilden Barbarian also a loyal follower of Silvanus, a Lawful Good Avenger who followed the dead god Tyr, a Good Dragonborn Paladin of Bahamut, and a Good Dragonborn Warlord.

We were on a quest to find out what happened to the missing livestock of this neighboring town we had a clue that it may have been from a Blue Dragon that was in the area who had Kobolds that we attacked before. Well we came across a group of them and killed them and found one half of a pendant dedicated to Silvanus. My character grabbed it right away but allowed others to check it out to see if it was magical, which it was. So we came across another group of Kobolds and killed them and found the other half of the pendant, which the Good Dragonborn Paladin grabbed and wouldn't give to my character.

This of course angered my character because frankly he can't understand the purpose or thought of withholding another persons religious items to their god from an actual follower. It turned out that it was a key for an ancient site that druids who worshiped Silvanus would use as a holy site. Which is also the location that the blue dragon was using as his personal new den to eat all the livestock. Now my ranger has met with druids in the area that worship Silvanus before and he wanted to give them the necklace so they can once again use it for a holy meeting place.

The Dragonborn Paladin and Warlord want to use this place as a secret base of operations and storage center. Which I believe goes against everything that Silvanus believes in, and I want to make sure the sanctity of the location stays pure, well regain its pureness now that the dragon is dead.

My offer was to goto the druids first to see if they even wanted that location first after the dragon has been there. They want to goto the town turn in the bounty and hold the symbol hostage till we do everything they want first then go see the druids "if" we make it there. Now the druids are 1.5 days away in the opposite direction of the town, and the town is 3 days away in the opposite direction of the druids.

Am I wrong to believe that Lawful Good and Good Aligned characters should return a former place of holy worship back to a none evil god, or should I just completely disregard what my character feels is right and allow my beliefs to be stepped on by these so called good aligned characters.

The DM agreed with me out of game, but he wanted to see how it would all turn out in game.