July 22nd, 2010

Playtesters Needed!

Dark Lemur Games is currently looking for playtesters!

Dark Lemur Games is a startup RPG publisher made up of three longtime tabletop RPG players and good friends, two underpaid artists, and one overworked editor. They are currently ready to test their first ever RPG product, the Herobound Science Fiction sourcebook. The system uses d10s only, is ala carte (no classes), and encourages Gms to adopt the rules to their favorite sci-fi setting. The system is "a game for experienced gamers written by experienced gamers, with 'newbie friendly' rules and explanations", according to the developers.

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

1. Have an existing, active tabletop gaming group;
2. Run a minimum of 20 adventures using the Herobound science fiction rules set exclusively, as printed (no house rules allowed);
3. The GM and all current and future members of the GM's group must be willing to sign a nondisclosure agreement with Dark Lemur Games;
4. All playtesters must be willing to submit critiques, suggestions, and evaluations to Dark Lemur Games at the end of playtesting.

Playtesters will be evaluated and accepted on an individual basis. Those who complete the playtesting will be included in the credits of the final product. GMs will also get a paper copy of the sourcebook and players will get .pdf copies for their use.

Interested parties should e-mail Daniel with Dark Lemur Games at darklemurllc@gmail.com subject: Playtesting Inquiry.
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