July 17th, 2010

Voodoo Dolly

Mutants and Masterminds Questions

My brother's driving me nuts.  He's trying to convert a concept from an MMO to M&M, and the mechanics of it are giving me a headache.  The concept is balanced, low powered, and fits into the game perfectly, but trying to get the mechanics to do what he wants is frustrating as hell.  The thing is, the powers he wants should work, but the mechanics aren't made to do the things he wants to do.

Case In Point:
The character performs a burst, doing holy damage to all enemies within 5' of him.  For the next (period of time), the power remains passive upon him as an enchantment.  At the end of the (period of time), he heals.  The more successful physical strikes he's made in (period of time), the more he heals.

So far:
Damage  (Attack, Standard Action (Active), Range Touch, Instant Duration, Toughness Save, Area (General, Burst), Selective (Enemies Only), Drawback (Area, -2 Stages to reduce to 5').

That's the burst...

We were thinking of making his physical attacks vampiric, and having it triggered (end of duration), giving it fade and total fade so that after a period of time it simply stops and then triggers the end effect (one vampiric recovery check at the end of the duration for each hit made).

This looks doable, except for a few things.  "Linking" powers requires the same duration and range.  The vampirism effect is Personal, the Damage effect is Touch.  The vampirism duration is not 'instant', but the Damage effect is.  The second problem is there's no means to 'add quality X to one / some / all objects'.  How do you make it so you, yourself, have the 'Extra' added to you?

Examples:  "All Strikes are Explosion" or "All Strikes are Vampiric" or "All Strikes Have Autofire".  I can see these kind of abilities, there's just nothing to make them.
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