July 16th, 2010

GM Oracle

Stepping in where the DM's Idea Pipeline ended years ago is this new website -- GM Oracle -- where Michael Hammes and I are posting systemless material for fantasy RPGs. I'm using this as a creative outlet since I don't take time to write RPG material these days and I do not have time for large writing projects.

I hope some of you find this site useful.
Voodoo Dolly

Mutants and Masterminds Question

I'm trying to convert some concepts from an online game to M&M, and I'm sort of stumped for a few of these:

The character performs an initial effect (damage in a five foot radius around him).  The effect 'hangs' on him, waits for two rounds, and then heals him as the duration ends.

Obviously, this is a Damage Effect (Area, Touch, Burst), but how do you restrict it to a 5' area (rather than Rank x 5') if you're wanting to do higher damage but only in that area?  The second effect is a Healing Effect (Personal), but how do you get it to wait two rounds by itself?  If this were D&D, this would be a piece of cake, but there's nothing I can find about delayed effects or nerfing area of effect without nerfing the effect itself.
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