July 11th, 2010

Music, Cthulhu

Steampunk Musha on Kickstarter

So, Rick Hershey and Empty Room Studios have launched a Kickstarter Campaign for Steampunk Musha that will fund a new edition of the RPG and a comic based on the setting.

We have a review of the Iron Gauntlets Edition which was published by Precis Intermedia.

So, any Steampunk Musha fans here?

The other topic of interest here is the recent trend of Kickstarter projects from a handful of game designers. I recently pledged to the Machine Zeit, Hellas and Reign projects. I missed out on the Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity one, but I'm looking forward to picking up the book eventually.

What do you think of the Kickstarter funding method for these books? Have you pledged to any of them? Why or why not?