July 3rd, 2010


Re: Last Post

Remember the big war I mentioned?  Remember my brother's character I had mentioned?
Well, he and a few other PCs went to the south to try to find out who was in charge.  The answer is 'nobody'.  The haunted woods has no leader, so they had to find the oldest spirit of the wood.  His character was able to awaken it, and he tried to desperately convince it to call the younger spirits back into the borders of the haunted woods.  It ignored his pleas, his protests, his call for the sanctity of life.  He finally got the idea to invoke the oaths the spirits made to the Empress of that nation, to guard it's borders, and asked why it was going beyond.  Then one of the other PCs decides to argue with him, saying the woods are under threat right now and that pulling back to their own borders would mean the enemy would overrun them.  She insisted on contradicting him.

I had planned on letting him make a social roll to convince the spirit (already a daunting task).  Her arguments made me decide no... he'd get no roll.

She screwed almost any chance of there being peace and preventing the war.  When she realized what she'd done, her player freaked, and the character back-pedalled, trying to find a way to side with my brother.  She and the other player provided some good excuses and reasons to not push forward, and I allowed my brother the roll.  I increased the difficulty though.  :D

He barely made it.

Yeah, a PC almost got everyone on the MUCK killed. :D
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