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Thursday, June 24th, 2010
9:06a - Making existing material serve a different purpose
Have you ever seen someone take existing crunch (stats, rules, etc.) and twisted the fluff to suit an different purpose? Did you design house rules to do so or did you just creatively apply the rules as written?

I had a friend who fell in love with Corrupt Avenger prestige class, but we were playing with a DM who wasn't the most flexible so I couldn't see said DM adapting the Corrupt Avenger's taint rules for his campaign. I had tried pointing him towards the Duskblade with my argument being that he could still behave like a "Corrupt Avenger" and even call himself one without a pack of them showing up at the door and suing him for defamation.

Similarly, I've been looking at the new 4th edition class the Seeker. It appears to have adopted the supernatural aspects of the 3/3.5 edition Ranger that the current Ranger eschews. However, I feel like if I were to play one, I wouldn't want to summon nature spirits so much as use trick arrows like Hawkeye or Green Arrow. Sure he's still nature-oriented but he knows, for instance, which trees supply a fast acting sap to slow enemies. Now this has me thinking about some more misleading classes, like kung fu flavored sorcerers throwing Hadoukens and clerics powered by sheer hot blooded determination.

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