June 13th, 2010

Voodoo Dolly

Healing in RPGs

You know, I've been thinking about healing magic in RPGs.  In most cases, the assumption seems to be that when you use a healing spell on someone they 'return to type' -- any injuries gained are gone, there's no scars, things are restored, etc.  But... I'm thinking this might be the wrong way to look at it.  Instead... perhaps healing magic should be more like 'excellerated healing'.  You are brought to a point where you would appear if the wound had / could have healed naturally.

Thus, if someone has a gaping chest wound from a spear, and he's healed... he gets this really impressive-looking scar where the spear went through.  If someone loses an eye, the eye wound is healed, but he's still missing that one eye.  The character would still be at 'full HP', but that's it... any losses suffered are still losses, and over time a warrior would be a walking mass of scar tissue -- which could look pretty awesome, all things considered.

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