May 24th, 2010

Voodoo Dolly

Grimoire #8 for Sale

We now have Grimoire #8 up for sale.
This issue is where I begin to lay out the Story Point System for game designers:  how to design a character sheet.  The process helps determine what attributes will be important in the game and how to give the attributes the proper feel for the game world the designer is making.  It details how to set up the merits and flaws, and gives examples for what types the designer want to include to tailor it to their campaign.  It finishes with discussing advantages, whether that be skills, talents, special abilities, or equipment, and the merits of each.

Grimoire #9 will include the Story Point System proper -- the actual game mechanics used for running SPS games.
Grimoire #10 and up will include example advantages, how to design them, how to balance them, and different permutations tailored to different campaigns.

Also in Issue #8 is a discussion on conversion from one SPS game to another, how to run mixed campaigns, and even how to run mixed characters.  Got a Cloak and Dagger superspy who has been transformed into a kitsune?  This is where you learn how to make it work, mechanics-wise.  Finally, we have in this issue a brief article on how the game master can keep some control in an SPS game, and ensure the players don't stray too far off track.

Cloak and Dagger should be available either in Grimoire #9 or Grimoire #10.  The full game will be presented there as a feature article, and if you have Grimoire #9, you'll also have the game engine it uses.  The article itself will not include a copy of the SPS engine, simply because I don't feel it is fair to cut and paste the engine each time I present a game setting.  Less copy means more fresh material.

We are always looking for new writers and artists for The Grimoire, and we're hoping to make the magazine quarterly.  If you would like to join us and see your work in print, please contact  We accept reviews, comics, artwork, editorials, and articles covering the gaming community.  Have house rules for your favourite game to share?  Got alternate settings for a game we publish?  Want to make your own Story Point world and see it in print?  Want to write reviews for a game or perhaps a movie / anime / manga and discuss how it would work in a roleplaying game?  We want to know!
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