May 20th, 2010

Voodoo Dolly

Fox Magic: Bad News / Good News

The Bad News:  Fox Magic will be shipped to use on the 28th, a week after CanGames.
The Good News:  If you show up at our booth on Saturday or Sunday, and pre-order Fox Magic, we'll discount it 25%, and also throw in a free copy of the PDF for your trouble.  I think that's a pretty sweet deal, don't you?  :)

We're also doing a number of Fox Magic T-Shirts which we'll be selling at CanGames, so if you want one, come by and pick it up.  We're using a number of the art pieces from the book, as well as using the mon so you can show off your Breed Pride.  :)  Hmm, I'll need to think of which one suits me best... ;)

That said, Cloak and Dagger has finished a first draft, and I'll be playtesting it at CanGames at 7pm in our booth, both Saturday and Sunday.  Fox Magic will be played at 2pm out in the games room all three days.  If you'd like to give Fox Magic a test go, we can show it to you, and I should have a spiral-bound copy to show off.  I'll also have my laptop... >.>  Just in case.

Grimoire #8 is going on sale for CanGames.  In this issue I do SPS Part 1, showing people how to manipulate the engine for character design, tweaking it to suit whatever game world you want to create.  I'm also doing an article which talks about conversions from one SPS game to another, and have another bit which discusses keeping control of the plot in an SPS game, and steering the players roughly in the direction you'd like them to go.  I also include a look at the future games I have planned using the SPS engine, including Paths of Xia -- a Chinese fantasy setting, Titanomachy -- a fantasy setting with giant steampunk and magic golems stomping across the countryside, and an urban fantasy game whose title is to be decided (Originally Fool's Moon -- the reason the company was made to begin with).

Grimoire #9 will have SPS Part 2, which is where the core SPS engine will be shown off, so that anyone can make an SPS game (using Part 1) and run the game (using Part 2).  We're hoping that people like the engine enough that they'll make their own SPS games, and allow us to publish them either in future issues of the Grimoire or as stand alone products through our store, allowing people to get their game world out there.  A lot less work is needed to make an SPS game than most game engines out there, so we're hoping people like what we have to offer.

Grimoire #10 and on will have the SPS Appendices (sp?) which is where I'll take some of the Advantages I touched on in Grimoire #8, and dedicate entire chapters to them, giving ideas for skill use, talents, sorcery, and other things to provide to the players, tailored to the game master's individual settings and tastes.  If I'm lucky, Grimoire #10 should also be where I release Cloak and Dagger, an added bonus that there will be a full RPG in the issue for the players.

If I'm lucky, most of the smaller settings will show up in future issues of the Grimoire, and when we have enough settings to put together, they'll get a second edition (mostly expansion on the material), and be bound together into a single SPS book to be sold individually.

We're, of course, always looking for writers and artists to show off their work in the Grimoire.  If you're interested in seeing your work in a future issue of The Grimoire, whether it be expansion / house rules for one of our settings, your own settings or material, editorials on the gaming industry as a whole, or game-related fiction, please contact kevin @ foolsmoon . com with your proposal and a layout of what you'd like to put in.
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