April 9th, 2010

Just another day

Character creation

I was just curious as to what other people's character creation process is. What do you need to do to turn writing on a paper into a living, breathing character? Do you make a race/class/concept you've been interested in and then spin a story around that, or wing it for a few sessions until something materializes on its own, or fill out some character questionnaires to help get into the mindset?

For me, the transformation from feats and stats into a real person comes from my music collection. If I'm listening to my iPod during my daily commute and a song comes on that makes me think, "Man, that is so my sorceress. She would definitely belt this out on karaoke night," that's when I know I've got a solid character forming in my mind.
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This is annoying

How to Find RPs

Alright, so for the past two weeks I've been obsessively looking for Livejournal Rps.

The thing is, I have been finding very, very few RPs, and any list I do find are old and usually consists of dead-Rps. Which I know is not right, since it appears that Livejournal has a very active RP community in it.

How do you guys find RPs on here? 

Also, are there genre-specific RP lists? Like, I am looking for a prose-based, horror Rp; so are there lists dedicated to either prose-based, or horror-genre Rps?

Runaway characters!

So, riffing off of the previous posted question about character creation... Has anyone made a character, then wound up watching him/her take a life of their own and do things you never really intended for them to do?

It happens a surprising amount of times for me...