March 10th, 2010

Game Day Kits came today

And boy, is it a sign of the times and how much WoTC are tightening their belts.

Where as previous Game Day kits had map, minis, character sheets, and adventure, this year they have left out the minis in place of (very durable) cardboard tokens. The players don't even get a free mini any more. That was one of the main draws to get players (new and old) to show up.

And for me, it was a factor in choosing to play, "Keep up with the edition" from v3.5 to 4e (not the only one, but in the top five). Free minis, even if you're not picking them, are nothing to laugh at in this hobby. If the rewards for dealing with groups of players that are not always ideal (read: humans who bathe) go away, a major motivation for keeping my RPGA/DCI number current and running these things goes right out the window.

I had planned on 4e being my last edition of D&D anyway, one because I happen to really like the basic core stuff of it, and two, because I figure the older I get the less frequently I'll get the chance to game. When I do it will be with old friends. And we like our legacy systems, dammit!