March 9th, 2010

Voodoo Dolly

John Wick Mantra

"Make the character you want to play and f**k game balance," is what I always say. Game balance comes from the Narrator giving everyone equal time, making everyone important, giving spotlight when players need and/or deserve it. Everything else is just math exercises.  - John Wick

This from his most recent LJ post, involving him allowing his players to design the characters they want in his nWoD game.  Once they finished basic chargen, he tossed a bunch of freebies at them to fine tune the characters as they saw fit.

I damn near live by this mantra when it comes to RPGs.  I made a long post in my LJ concerning this, but decided not to re-post it here, since I made a similar post about a year ago.  ;)  Don't need to go through that again.
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