February 28th, 2010

Campaign Idea

So, this is my first post to the community. Please pardon my fail.

To make a long story less long, I never actually got into Dungeons and Dragons; I was always a text-based freeform roleplayer, and did a lot of moderating games within that framework. I finally played D&D 4.0 for a few sessions several months ago, but the campaign fell apart due to the habits of a specific player.

Regardless, it struck a chord, and I've been itching to try and get back into the game.

A week or so ago, I tagged along with a friend who was going to his parent's home to clean out the last of his bedroom. Having decided to make the switch from 3.5 to 4.0, and due to lacking free time, he decided he was done with 3.5, and would throw away almost his entire library (saving his core books, his leather-bound core books, and one or two books of value and interest). In understanding the travesty of tossing these books, I 'graciously' offered to take them. Twenty-one books in total, plus the Pathfinder core rule book that I picked up later that night.

Thus, having an itch to try Dungeons and Dragons again, and now having 21 supplemental, I'm determined to start DMing a campaign as soon as possible. But that is a hugely different (and huge) problem in and of itself.

Hopefully, I'll be able to join a campaign as a player, and get a crash course in 3.5 that way. I also have planned a brief and very very linear campaign, designed less as a campaign, and more as an experiment to understand the rules of 3.5 and how to DM better, which will hopefully, simultaneously keep a few players entertained.

And that campaign is what I'm here to solicit advice about. I am already well aware that details are scant, the plot is linear, I haven't figured out a lot of key plot points, how to compel the party to act in certain circumstances, etc. Sorry.

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Clearly, I am a noob and most of this sucks.