February 5th, 2010


New Spells

A selection of spells from my major NPC sorcerer/wizard's personally researched spell list.
Spells are my intellectual property. Permission is granted to use, not publish.

Eerie Eye (0 level Sorcerer/Wizard spell)

Illusion (phantasm), VSM, 1 standard action. Range: close (25 ft +1 per level). Target: one creature. Duration: 1 round per level (max 13 rounds at 13th level). Save: Will negates. SR: yes. If the target fails his Will save, he sees the gory phantasm of a freshly severed eye, floating in the air at eye level, several feet away. It will follow him, avoiding capture or damage, continually trying to put itself into his field of vision. This eerie behavior both frightens and distracts the victim, which causes a -1 circumstance penalty to all saves and skill checks during the spell’s duration. The victim gets a second Will save if he takes any damage while distracted by the eye. The phantasm is only perceived by the victim. Material Components: a string of raw gristle or tendon.

Crystallize Memory (1st level Sorcerer/Wizard spell)

Transmutation, VSM, 1 round per page or minute stored. Range: touch. Effect: stores 1 page or 1 minute of memory per 3 levels (max. 4 at 12th level) in a quartz crystal. Duration: 1 week per 3 levels (max 4 weeks at 12th level). Save: yes (object, harmless). SR: yes. With a touch, you can store your memories in a quartz crystal. The memory stored must be a real memory of the caster, not imaginary. You must remain in contact with the crystal for 1 full round per page or minute of memory stored (casting time). You can store up to 1 minute per 3 levels of audio-visual (only) memories, deep thoughts and/or feelings, or 1 page per 3 levels of text (technically storing the memory of reading it) including potentially 0-4th level spell formulas. These stored memories transcend the language barrier, since the recipient experiences them as his own when “reading” the crystal. If the memories include painful or traumatic ordeals, the recipient must make a Will save to avoid being shaken for 1 minute. If the memory includes severe pain (such as a limb being amputated), and the Will save is failed, then an additional Fortitude save is required to avoid 2d20 points of nonlethal damage. If text is stored and the text includes written spell formula, and the recipient is a spell-caster of the appropriate class, deciphering the spell is automatic (as if using read magic) and the recipient gains a +2 bonus to his Spellcraft check to learn the spell. Any time during the spell’s duration, anyone can read a crystal, any number of times, simply by touching it to his forehead for 1 round per page or minute stored, and making a Spellcraft check at DC 15. This method allows spell-casters to temporarily store written spells in crystal form rather than writing them into spell-books. The crystal radiates faint magic, until it crumbles into powder when the spell expires. The spell can not be made to carry curses or trapped writing (such as explosive runes) like a cursed scroll. Only one crystallize memory spell can affect a given crystal at a time- if a second casting targets a crystal, the second spell “over-writes” the first completely if the second caster is higher level than the first caster. Otherwise, it has no effect. Material Components: any quartz crystal worth at least 15 gp. per page or minute, and quartz powder, sprinkled over the crystal. A crystal can only be made permanent by creating a magic item with the Craft Wondrous Object feat.

Empower Armor/Shield (1st level Sorcerer/Wizard spell)

Transmutation, VS, 1 standard action. Range: touch. Target: one suit of armor or one shield. Duration: 1 minute per level. Save: Will negates (harmless, object). SR: yes. This spell empowers either armor or shield with a +2 enhancement bonus to the item’s armor class value, by hardening the item with an invisible layer of force. This layer also prevents force attacks like magic missile, and keeps incorporeal creatures like ghosts from bypassing the armor or shield. (The item’s total ac value counts against attacks by such creatures.) As usual, this enhancement bonus does not stack with other enhancement bonuses to armor class.

Homing Familiar (1st level Sorcerer/Wizard spell)

Conjuration (summoning), VSM, 1 standard action. Range: touch. Target: your familiar. Effect: an empathic homing beacon centered on you. Duration: see text. Save: Will negates (harmless). SR: no. Cast upon your familiar with a touch, this spell creates an empathic link that allows the familiar to track you unerringly, as long as you remain on the same plane as it does. The spell lasts until the familiar again touches you. The spell can be dispelled only by targeting your familiar, or the material components, kept on your person. The spell only works on familiars bonded to you. Material components: a bit of your familiar’s fur, feathers or scales, plucked during casting. If they are destroyed, or removed from your person, the spell ends early.

Animated Rope Trick (2nd level Sorcerer/Wizard spell)

Transmutation, VSM, 1 standard action. Range: touch. Target: one knotted rope 10-50 feet long. Duration: 30 minutes per level. Save: no. SR: no. This spell works similarly to the standard version of rope trick, with the following differences: 1, the rope can carry the caster into the extra-dimensional space as it rises, plus 1 other creature per level of the caster up to a maximum of 12 additional creatures, medium size or smaller, if they all take hold of the rope before it rises out of reach. 2, the space can hold up to 12 additional creatures, besides the caster and the entire length of rope, if desired. (The rope can be hidden inside the space, though the upper end cannot be removed from the space until the spell expires or is dispelled or dismissed.) 3, if you dismiss the spell voluntarily, the rope can carry all occupants of the space who are holding the rope back to the ground. Otherwise, to enter or leave the space requires the rope to be dropped manually, and the occupants must climb on their own. Note that the rope does not provide a magical hold on the occupant being lifted or lowered, they will fall if they lose their grip on the rope. Material Components: fine ground oats, a twisted loop of paper, a pinch of onyx powder worth 1 gp.

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Star Wars d20 License to Expire.

"After a lengthy evaluation, Wizards of the Coast has decided not to renew the Star Wars license with Lucasfilm."

Can't say as I'm surprised, with the rate that product has slowed. The licenseing fees must be killing them in this game market. The blog goes on to say that;

The license officially ends in May this year, with WotC product available through August. In the meantime, we have awesome new products still coming your way. This week, we released The Dark Times minis and Galaxy of Intrigue RPG. We’ll have more coming with Masters of the Force minis in April, which will have some of your most favorite characters along with rare creatures from the Dejarik Holochess game that have never appeared in our game. We’ll also release The Unknown Regions RPG in April, which includes entirely new planets and mini-adventures for each world.

At least there will be another book with some mostly new content before the run ends.

So, who here thinks that some other company will try and get the license? And who do you think? My money is on Margaret Weis Productions as right now, other people's IP is her niche.

Thank you!

I just wanted to say thanks to everybody who gave suggestions to my earlier post two weeks ago. A lot of great suggestions, so many in fact that I may end up using different terms for the different cultures the PCs come into contact with.