January 31st, 2010



So, anyone every use this before? (Here's a link, if you're curious: On SourceForge). The main site is, well, I'm going to call it "missing", but for some reason no one can ever seem to connect to me.

I set my firewall to allow everything on that port (default port 6812), and I set my router to route requests on that port to the computer running the server (it has a static local IP IIRC). I'm using a free DNS server to route to my IP (it's not perfect, and sometimes I need to prod it to update, but for getting people together for a couple hours a week, it should be good enough).

I'm running the server under Java 6.x on windows XP. If anyone can help me figure this out, that'd be splended. (Of course, I will share how I eventually got it to work, if I ever do.)

So, if you'd like to try to connect, I'm going to try leaving the server up, so anyone can try to get on at their leisure (just for testing).

Server is: fluffykittenpirate.endofinternet.net
Port: 6812
Password: password0 (this is just for testing.)

I'm not 100% sure what game I want to play with it, but that's sort of a moot point if no one can connect. :)

Thanks in advance!

(Note: it will ask you for a player name and character name, enter whatever you want, This does not matter. Say hi in the box, write on the map, whatever you like, just so I know it worked for someone. Leaving a contact would be nice, so I can know who randomly decided to help me.)

Update: It seems it was my firewall, being strange, and I have verified that it works. Thanks for the help!