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Thursday, January 21st, 2010
10:05p - 5th Wall Gaming Contest
As you know, 5th Wall Gaming is trying to branch out to new areas. However, I'm not a good writer for ads and so on. Therefore, I'm looking to farm it out.

I will be offering a $25 cash prize (or paypal or check, your choice) to the best ad for 5th Wall Gaming. It can be a video that I can s...end out to prospective clients, Text that I can plaster onto Craigs list or even a sound file that I can have podcasts play.

In fact, here's what I'm going to do.

$25 for the best print ad.
$25 for the best 25 second video.
$25 for the best 25 second audio ad.
$25 for the best banner (468 x 60 pixels).

Now, the rules.
1) The contest starts now.
2) You have until the 1st of February at 8am to submit your files.
3) 1 entry per category per person.
4) All submissions must be sent to Contest@5thWallGaming.com
5) Winners will be announced February 5th. Winners may be contacted before that.
6) If the video or audio is above 25 seconds (even a little bit), it is forfeit.
7) All submissions belong to 5th Wall Gaming.
8) The ad must include the following.
a) The name "5th Wall Gaming"
b) That we are based in Portland, OR
c) Our phone number (503-465-4963)
d) Our Webpage (http://www.5thWallGaming.com)
e) That we do Murder Parties, Special Guests and Game events.
f) Our Email (CustomerService@5thWallGaming.com)

Any questions? Email Joseph@5thWallGaming.com

Good luck to everyone.

EDIT: Only A, B and D need to be on the banner ad (unless you feel like you can present more on it). Everything else needs to have all the info.

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