January 20th, 2010

Spend $20, get $1000. Seriously.

This could be construed as an ad, but seriously, it's a deal you can't beat for a good cause. I'm actually sort of surprised no one's posted this here already.

Over at DriveThruRPG, they've set up a system where gamers can donate to Haiti while buying PDF RPGs. Which is cool.

What's even cooler is how the donation works: you go to the front page and click one of the links to donate $5, $10 , or $20. If you donate $20—all of that money going to Médecins Sans Frontières—you get a bunch of free PDFs to say "Thanks". That bundle of free PDFs can normally be bought on DTRPG for about $1080.

Yeah. You get all of that for free if you donate to a charity that's doing serious work on the ground in Haiti.

And the thing is, there's a shitload of stuff that I've been thinking "Will I, won't I?" about getting in the bundle. Fred Hicks has come up with a full list of titles involved, but it's not just a bunch of the never-selling "Fifteen thousand new OGL feats!"

This offer gets you 170 products. That's not a typo. One hundred and seventy things, for having the basic human decency to throw twelve quid plus change to one of the finest organizations on the planet so they can help people survive.

Just off the top of my head there's a shitload of good stuff. Damnation Decade! Three Sixteen! Piledrivers & Powerbombs! The Serenity RPG! Shadowforce Archer! The Kerberos Club! BASH! Full Light, Full Steam! eCollapse! And those're just some of the highlights.

If you have $20 to spare (and let's be honest, you do), chuck it to MSF through DriveThruRPG. You can't afford not to.