January 13th, 2010


Need some new strange

I'm looking to try something new, game system-wise. I've played many games out there, but for a frame of reference: GURPS, D&D though 4, Shadowrun, Rifts, WoD (original and extra crispy), Star Wars (2e?), and Champions. I'm in the mood to try something new. What I'm looking for is relatively simple mechanics, a cool setting, and low built-in angst. Suggestions?

I'll add Story focus over mechanics focus, but people often blithely say any system can have a story focus. Then they get out their minis and argue about flanking. Face it, some games are designed tactically first, and that's not what I'm looking for. If I want heavy tactics, I'll go play DDO, or Dragon Age on the PC. Gaming is a social activity, and I prefer systems that realize that. If that's not available, I understand, but its what I'm looking for.

Also, no "Depends" answers, please. I was pretty specific in my desire: KISS, cool, low-angst, & with a leaning towards dramatics over the mechanics. If that is too specific a desire, feel free to make suggestions that are close. To stave off any possible confusion over the subjective term "cool," I am looking for something you find cool. I know what I already find cool and have pretty much eked all the cool I'm gonna out of them, so am looking for a new suggestion for cool. For further reference, low built-in angst means to me the kind of game system where a reasonable PC background is farm-boy (or college-girl) decides to go adventuring and thus does so. High built-in angst is something like farm-boy (or college-girl) has been exposed to the elder gods and is going mad. Ok, that's extreme, but I hope my gist is conveyed. I want a system where angst-free origin story is reasonable. Also, I've been doing plenty of WoD, & Shadowrun, so am leaning away from the whole setting is dying and corrupt. This may clash with some folks idea of cool, but please, if you make a suggestion just be aware of my preference.

If this suggestion request seems contrary, that is not intended. I realize that I am posting a question on the 'net, and the 'net is the kind of place where one could say: "I like apples." "What's a good variety of apple?" and get the response "Oranges have more Vitamin C." I'm not looking for oranges, I'm looking for apples and am trying to minimize orange suggestions. All that said, there’s a very good chance that what I’m looking for just isn’t out there in my desired combination of traits.