January 11th, 2010

What can possibly go wrong

How to cope with GM ADD?

So I'm running my boyfriend some Pathfinder games so he has time to deflate from running me Ptolus stuff. I'm not super comfortable with the system, so I decided to check out the Rise of the Runelords adventure path and let other people do my work for me. BF rolled up a character and we played the first part of the first adventure. We had fun! However, the further I read into the AP, the more issues I had. I wasn't fond of how they set up the villains, and I knew my boyfriend found the presentation of the Varisians, the gypsy people, very problematic. I checked out the other adventure paths, and found the Legacy of Fire, which was set in an exotic locale, with genies and other planes! I was hooked, and my boyfriend knew my focus had wandered, so he decided to make a new character so I could run this adventure path instead.

Only... now the Council of Thieves adventure path is looking pretty appealing... and so is the Kingmaker adventure path... and I'd love to do a Planescape game.

I can't keep switching games like this! I'll never get to implement any of the cool ideas I have if I don't stick with something, and it'll get harder and harder for my boyfriend to buy into a game if he thinks it'll only last two sessions before he has to switch to a new character.

Does anyone have advice for a newbie DM with a wandering eye? I know no published adventure will be able to do exactly what my boyfriend and I want, but I'm not quite confident enough to take things off the rails.
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Errant Gaming Observation

Warhammer Fantasy [RPG -ed] wasn't the first fantasy rpg to really break out the wargame, where miniatures and/or chits marked detailed positions and banished the abstractness of 10' x 10' squares (or lack therein) for much smaller squares or hexes.1 But no one can deny that one of the marketing arrows in the GW marketing quiver was to sell more miniatures, although they weren't the hobby giant they later grew into.

So it's kind of funny that in Warhammer 3e battlemats and detailed model placement are gone, in favour of a very Traveller 1e-esque range band, while D&D encounters are now delineated in the same 5' squares that Warhammer used to use. Kind of like a big kharmic wheel of environment tracking mechanics, or a Gamer's plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.


1. (Arguably Steve Jackson's Metagaming's Melee and Wizard (forming The Fantasy Trip in '78 but both published in '77) was the first, and SPI's DragonQuest was right behind it in '80).
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Anyone got any experience using Rocketship Empires 1936 with either Savage Worlds or with the Cortex system? Heck, any experience with RE1936?

I'm a long time GM/Player but wanted to canvas the population here to see what was what is there is any what to what. What What?